Can We Treat Canine Osteosarcoma without Chemotherapy?

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Originally recorded on October 14, 2020

Jeffrey Bryan, DVM and Brian Flesner, DVM lead an interactive discussion on immunotherapy, including adoptive T cell therapies for dogs. Your hosts will also review their recently published results of an innovative treatment for osteosarcoma that included no radiation or chemotherapy.


Jeffrey Bryan, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM-Oncology Professor, Oncology

Dr. Jeffrey Bryan is the Director of the Comparative Oncology, Radiobiology, and Epigenetics Laboratory at the University of Missouri. The laboratory focuses on the comparative examination of cancers, from carcinogenesis mechanisms to biomarkers of disease and prognosis to novel therapy development. Dr. Bryan also leads trials in the imaging and immunotherapy of cancers, including malignant melanoma. Dr. Bryan is the Director of the new PET Imaging Center of the University of Missouri which will serve as a core center for radiotracer design and PET image generation for animals and plants. Dr. Bryan is a graduate of the University of California, Davis (BS, DVM), and the University of Missouri (MS, PhD)

Brian Flesner, DVM, DAVCIM (O), MSc

Dr. Brian Flesner is Director of Oncology Clinical Trials, and an Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. His current research focus is based on translational models of naturally occurring cancer in companion animals. Specifically, he is focused on chemotoxicity and chemotherapy mechanisms of action, improving chemotherapy efficacy with novel combination protocols or investigational drugs, improving the treatment paradigm for canine (and thereby human) osteosarcoma, and understanding and treating cancer pain. Dr. Flesner is a graduate of the University of Illinois (BS, DVM), and the University of Missouri (MSc - Medical Oncology).